Investing Guides

You wouldn’t start off on a long journey without bringing along some maps or having a guide to get you there.

The same goes for investing.

You don’t want to start investing towards financial freedom before knowing what you’re doing.

Having guides makes the entire journey that much easier.

And it means fewer opportunities for heartbreaking setbacks.

Imagine if you started on the path to financial freedom in 2005.  Everyone around you was buying up real estate as fast as they could.

“It’s the best investment,” you might think.  “If everyone is doing it, owning property must be the safest investment around.”

Well, 2007 would have been more than a pothole on the road to financial freedom.

Same goes for internet stocks in 1999.

Everyone would have been investing in dot-com stocks only to see their investments disappear a few years later.

Don’t make those mistakes.

These investing guides are designed to help you avoid the pitfalls along your path to financial freedom

The 2 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks [Free Bonus Strategy]

All about the best monthly dividend stocks and a bonus investing strategy

If you ask any dividend stock investor how often they receive their dividends, they’d probably say quarterly. That’s because most stocks pay their dividends every three months. There is also a large group that pays out on a semi-annual basis. What often gets overlooked are the monthly dividend stocks. Stocks that send a paycheck your …

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Dividend Aristocrats (The Complete Guide for 2017)

You want to start dividend investing, but it’s hard to know where to begin. There is roughly 3,000 dividend paying stocks in the United States alone. That list doesn’t include all the global companies paying dividends. So where does one start their search? With the Dividend Aristocrats. You may be thinking “a fancy name like that …

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