About Me

My name is Nick and I’m from the lush confines of Portland, Oregon.

(This picture is not in Portland)

My story

I’m a guy in my early 30s who has a keen interest in earning more income and retiring early.

Family motivates me in everything I do.  My wife Tiffany and our dog Cinnamon are at the center of my life and they’re constantly making me smile.

My career started right after graduating from Oregon State University in electrical engineering and working for a tech company in Oregon.  About a year in, I knew it wasn’t for me.

Me and a Croissant

After a couple years, I was done sitting at a desk.  It may have had something to do with reading 4 Hour Work Week (like a lot of you).  It was time to take a break and start a different kind of education.

I walked into my bosses office to ask if I could work from New Zealand for a year.  He said no and I quit.

My year in New Zealand was full of adventure, but also a year of study.  I read every book I could download onto my Kindle. Anything that was around marketing, entrepreneurship, behavior psychology, finance, and investing.

My Family

After that year in New Zealand, I set out on an entrepreneurial journey. I built a lot of blogs, an eCommerce site, a clothing line, and even a slackline business.

Not only that, but I also started investing and diving deeper into the rules money.  I wanted to know how the smartest money managers in the world put money to work for them.

What I found is the smartest, wealthiest people have income snowballs.

What is an Income Snowball?

These people don’t just earn money.  They earn it and then use it to make them more.

They put their money to work.

It starts with a little ball of snow (money) that they roll down the mountain.  Along the way it starts to collect more…and more…and more.  Building a bigger and bigger ball as it rolls.

They don’t hold onto the snowball and hope that it grows.  They put it into action and let time and gravity take care of the rest.

The same goes for money.  You can’t hold onto it, you’ve got to earn it and then put it to work.

My Goal

I started The Money Snowball to help everyone build an income snowball.  There are a lot of ways to earn more income.

With the internet, the number of ways to earn passive or residual income is tremendous.  It’s even made putting your money to work through dividend investments easier than ever before.

I want to help everyone reach financial freedom.

About You

It’s a little strange that I put an “About You” section in an “About Me” page, but this blog is for you.

I want to help everyone earn more money and invest their way to an early retirement.

It can be done.

This is about us taking a journey together.  I want this to be a community of people who are all striving for the same goals and helping each other to achieve them.

If you have any questions, let me know.  I’ll do my best to answer.

And if I can’t, we’ll have a group of friends who might be able to.

If you’re interested in financial freedom and building an income snowball, sign-up.  Learn about the strategies for earning more income and my best stock recommendations that will set you on the path to financial freedom.

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